Top 5 Favorite Places in Memphis, Tennessee

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0:00 most of you may not know this about me but I’m from a little town in the south
0:04 with a big reputation for the Blues Elvis and the best barbecue you’ve ever
0:09 had in your whole life
0:10 I’m from Memphis Tennessee
0:31 one of my favorite places to visit whenever I recommend is the Carville town square
0:39 marble is beautiful and it was actually voted the best main street in America by
0:45 the great Maxum 2015 which it’s so deserves it’s just stunning
0:50 one of my favorite things about Cardinal has to be going there and eating at the
0:55 little restaurant
0:56 one of my favorite places to eat is the silver caboose I’ve been going there for forever
1:00 it’s so fun to get these trains that just like circle the restaurant has the
1:04 nice atmosphere and one of my favorite things also is that it’s a family-run
1:08 business so I love supporting family run and local businesses when i’m home and
1:13 glued isn’t too bad either mobile mechanic Memphis auto car repair service maintenance shop
1:15 this is definitely not the place to go when you’re trying to stick to a diet
1:18 but that’s okay because I feel like calories do not count when you’re under sell that mean
1:23 what’s what’s cornbread a little but you know
1:27 oh my gosh that was so good chicken and dumpling your friends may be better be
1:34 the south the next time around
1:50 what’s your favorite part of the market square
1:55 town square has these amazing green that you can actually just go up and walk on
2:00 and they’re all the historic it preserved and meet some really people on
2:04 there we walked in and there are a couple of people and they’re doing it
2:07 was really fun
2:09 I feel like the carbon square it’s just the South intellectual when you’re there
2:13 you most certainly know that you have crossed that mason-dixon line and that
2:17 you are somewhere in this town
2:21 there’s people there selling local produce again just another opportunity
2:25 to support the locals to support your community and it just means that
2:30 light very intimate feel like this is the man thing through this watermelon is
2:35 those tomatoes and there’s something really cool about that to me especially
2:39 like this whole farm-to-table thing we get into here in LA
2:43 another place that absolutely have to visit when i’m home in the south is no call
2:47 Oh call first opened its doors in 1859 and it’s actually still run by the
2:51 descendants of the original store which is really really cool
2:54 besides just having a beautiful amazing high-end clothing this is sort of like
2:59 the end all be all like places your shopping it’s a very luxurious
3:02 experience and to me it feels a lot like shopping at selfridges but other than
3:07 that the reason that i’m always going back to call is because of the girl
3:11 there named Stephanie Stephanie someone who has clearly been dressing me
3:15 my high school dances
3:16 and all the way through college to moving to lay some tensions that box back here
3:20 there’s something about intellectual
3:22 outfield can you get
3:24 place that you get that kind of service
3:34 guards right you are all the way through
3:36 and we’re into women everyone knows my name everyone strange
3:41 it feels like a homecoming or something and that’s what kind of place that
3:44 I’m going to work fine
3:46 also kind enough to lend to me
3:49 help swallow she is so much that
3:52 anything that you see this beautiful like ok
3:59 if you’ve heard of Memphis then you probably heard of two things
4:02 Elvis and the peabody ducks they’re extremely famous the Peabody Hotel in
4:07 downtown that is this beautiful regal sort of like frozen in time
4:11 and they are very well known for their five mallard ducks that
4:15 Roman swimming found downstairs
4:23 this is a great place to bring your family hang out have a nice couple
4:27 a lot of being married
4:29 it’s just to do nice too down
4:32 wait like five sit down
5:02 now I know that you’ve been wondering this whole time when is she gonna get to
5:06 the BBQ my favorite BBQ in town is germantown
5:10 everybody’s got their favorite sort of like a football team felt everybody’s
5:13 reported different but I’m interment on commissary home
5:16 through and through I
5:18 salt sort of –
5:20 savory sweet has a little bit
5:22 kick to it off just enough love it
5:25 you know I love history in this place used to be 90 years
5:30 so this Shack that
5:33 a lot of character more there
5:35 and when you go in there it’s just small
5:38 intimate and it feels like family they treat you like family
5:48 definitely slap good
5:50 delicious barbecue nachos are not to be missed my opinion
5:55 again a diet album and honest but it is
6:02 another reason why member so special to me is because a lot of people that I
6:06 love still lived here a lot of my friends from high school and college to
6:09 live there so we always have a good time when I come from they always treat you right taking
6:14 and one of my favorite places is over this
6:18 sort of the new up-and-coming place they really renovated
6:21 got a lot of awesome places to go music
6:24 you off have dinner with your friends gravity
6:26 Williams all really cool it’s got this like really like New Age Memphis five
6:31 and everyone’s always talking
6:34 my friends definitely know how to have a good company yeah it’s really special to
6:38 have a place that you can
6:39 go and it’s going to be safe because you can all just part or take a cab there
6:43 and walk around to a bunch of different places
6:46 hang out I always feel really lucky when I getting out with my friends because
6:50 it’s just like things have never change
7:19 there’s absolutely no doubt the purpose is a incredibly special place that’s a
7:25 lot of really exciting things going on from past present and future i’m so
7:30 proud to be from there and so proud to have friends and family there i hope you
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7:43 favorite place our psychic visions next time I come home and thank you so much
7:48 for watching I really appreciate it if you visit Memphis
7:51 give it up for me and i will talk to you