Private Jet Charter Miami Florida

Many people may consider flying on a private plane to be expensive and frivolous. For this reason, these type of people will often fly on a commercial airline as opposed to using a private aircraft. Therefore, this article will consider whether it is true that choosing a commercial airline is a better alternative when flying. Of course, a lot will depend on whether you are flying for business or personal reasons.

There is no doubt that using a private jet for travel has many advantages. Even though the number one advantage may seem to be that this type of travel is luxurious the real advantage when using a private jet is efficiency, savings and convenience. For example, a passenger will not have to use a busy hub airport for departure or arrival if they choose not to. This will be advantageous for anyone who works our lives near a smaller, general aviation airport. They will be able to use the smaller airport and avoid the heavy air traffic that is normally found at most large commercial airports.

If a passenger however decides to use a busy hub airport they can still choose to leave from a FBO. A FBO, fixed base of operation, is a smaller facility that will eliminate much of the chaos that you will find at a commercial terminal. It is interesting to note that prior to 9/11 the security was more lax at these facilities and passengers could even drive on the tarmac to the jet with their own cars. Today however, passengers must park their cars at an adjoining lot and take a shuttle.

Most parking lots will provide free parking and 24/7 security There will also be a shuttle transport driver to help load any luggage onto the shuttle. The advantage for the passenger is that they will always be connected to their luggage and will have no reason to worry about luggage that may become damaged, lost, or sent to a different city.

Using a private air charter service also will provide the passenger with less stress and frustration. They will not have to go through those long, dreaded security lines. The aircraft captain however will have the right to search any luggage or bags but there will be no removal of clothing, shoes, jewelry, or belts. There also will be the avoidance of x-ray machines and metal detecting wands.

Private aircraft service is also more friendly and the captain is often there to greet each passenger as he/she asks them for their personal identification. If a passenger happens to be a little bit late, the aircraft will wait for them. There will be no reason to change a plane because the flight will always be a direct, nonstop flight.

Using a private aircraft service also is beneficial for anyone who wants to have a flight that is confidential and private. The only people who will be allowed on the plane are the ones that are invited by the lead passenger. The group of passengers can utilize their time by interrupted working, conduct meetings, or simply by relaxing and resting.

Therefore, it is true that commercial flights do have their place but you have the opportunity to use a private air service then you will soon realize its many advantages.